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Ordering process and shipping, payment


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How to place an order with us:

Placing an order typically involves the following steps:

    1. Product Selection:
      Browse the product catalog of the Bluetooth speaker factory and choose the product models and specifications that interest you.

    2. Confirm Order Details:
      Contact the sales team to confirm order details, including product quantity, model, specifications, delivery date, payment terms, etc.

    3. Sign Contract:
      Sign a formal sales contract based on the commercial agreement and transaction terms. The contract should clearly specify product descriptions, quantities, prices, payment methods, delivery terms, quality standards, etc.

    4. Pay Deposit:
      It’s usually required to pay a portion of the total order amount as a deposit to ensure the processing and production of the order.

    5. Production:
      Once the order is confirmed and the deposit received, the factory will initiate the production process.

    6. Quality Inspection:
      After production is completed, the products undergo quality inspection to ensure compliance with quality standards and order requirements.

    7. Pay Balance:
      Upon completion of production and passing quality inspection, the remaining balance of the order is paid.

    8. Shipping:
      After completing the payment, the products are packaged and arranged for shipment. You will receive notification regarding shipment details, including estimated delivery time and logistics information.

    9. Receiving:
      Upon receiving the products, inspect them to ensure they are in good condition and meet the requirements of the order.

By collaborating with the sales team, you can obtain more detailed guidance on the order process and ensure the smooth progression of your order.

Product Order Delivery Time

Describing the delivery time of Bluetooth speakers typically includes the following points:

    1. Delivery Time
      The delivery time of Bluetooth speakers depends on the quantity and scale of the order, as well as the production capacity and current production schedule of the factory. Typically, delivery times are negotiated with the customer after order confirmation and specified in the contract.
    2. Production Lead Time:
      The production lead time refers to the time from order confirmation to the completion of product production. It is influenced by various factors including the type of product, quantity, customization requirements, and the production capacity and efficiency of the factory.

    3. Transportation Time:
      Once the products are produced, logistics transportation needs to be arranged. Transportation time depends on the distance to the destination and the mode of transportation, such as sea freight, air freight, or land transportation. International transportation may also be affected by factors such as customs clearance.

    4. Estimated Delivery Date:
      Based on the production lead time and transportation time, customers typically receive an estimated delivery date. This date may be adjusted after order confirmation to account for any delays in the production process or uncertainties during transportation.

    5. Delivery Guarantee:
      Some suppliers may offer delivery guarantees, promising to deliver the products within a specific timeframe, otherwise providing compensation or incentives. This is often stipulated in the contract.

    6. Communication and Updates:
      Suppliers usually maintain communication with customers, providing timely updates on the progress of the order and any circumstances that may affect the delivery time, ensuring that customers are informed of the status of their orders.

Overall, the delivery time of Bluetooth speakers may vary depending on the supplier, order characteristics, and external factors. Effective communication and negotiation between customers and suppliers are key to ensuring smooth delivery times.

Logistics and cargo transportation

    • If you have your own logistics provider, we only need to deliver the goods to the warehouse specified by your logistics provider. If you do not have a long-term cooperative logistics provider, we can introduce reliable, stable, and cost-effective suppliers to you. They will provide insurance to safeguard your goods.


    • Before you place an order with us, you need to pay us 30% in advance. This can ensure the smooth progress of our material procurement. When the product production is completed and you need to pay the balance, we will send the goods to your designated logistics provider.